I’ve been a Creative Director for GREY, Saatchi & Saatchi and have worked with The Martin Agency, FRWD, and VaynerMedia. Clients include: General Mills, Hasbro, GEICO, Disney, Sesame Workshop, Starz, Hachette, Corus Entertainment, and DreamWorks. I’m a multi-disciplined creative with skills in art direction, copy, live action, animation, production, strategy, package design, brand building, team-building, and award-winning content. See below for examples of work and brief case studies. Contact me here at patgiles@me.com.

My boutique agency Danger Pigeon created a campaign for Activision and General Mills launching the new Skylanders card-based game, Battlecast. We repurposed gaming assets to create the campaign targeted to adult and kid media. In this spot, we illustrated the magic of the card interaction with smartphones. By working efficiently with the assets and our budget, we also created a bonus animated kids spot.

Danger Pigeon was hired by The Martin Agency and The Mill to bring McGruff the Crime Dog to life in this popular spot for GEICO, as part of their long-running campaign. For this spot, I used my skills as an animator and character designer to breath life into this iconic mascot.


As a Creative Director for Saatchi & Saatchi and Pat-Man Studios, I led the creative assignment for Lucky Charms for nearly a decade. I championed the effort to find a new adult target for Lucky that brought 20% sales growth on top of a banner year. Under my direction, we hired Grammy winners Pentatonix and  Endless Noise to bring the idea to life through music.

The animated spot aired during the Grammys and the companion video had millions of views on social channels.

I’ve always been a digital innovator, creating branded content channels, code based gaming, custom comic-makers, pro-social experiences and even the very first cereal box game controller using augmented reality. The above is a reel of some of my digital engagement work.

I created this campaign for General Mills and Disney for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” from birth to broadcast. We were tasked with one spot for the campaign, but by using our budget efficiently and building my own production team, I created three spots across three targets leading to a huge success for the promotion. We even shot one of the spots in Spanish for Univision.



SLURP ‘TIL IT’S FLAT I led the team that created “Slurp ‘Til It’s Flat” campaign for Gogurt and Saatchi & Saatchi, leading the brand to a doubling of sales, while also building an animation and special FX capability for the agency, bringing production costs down and allowing more spots to be created. We hired MAD Magazine legend Sergio Aragones to create the characters, and worked with packaging and digital to create a 360 degree campaign for the brand.



MOVIE PROMOTIONS I’ve created many campaigns for consumer packaged goods co-promotions with major movie releases. I’ve been able to work directly with studio marketing teams to incorporate talent and resources to create work that benefitted both the brand and the entertainment property. The “Slurp ‘Til It’s Flat” campaign incorporated Minions and Wimpy Kids, while comic books and toys in cereal boxes got the music video treatment.  


I created this movie-trailer styled campaign for General Mills and Saatchi & Saatchi, partnering with future Oscar Winners Kathryn Bigelow and Wally Pfister to bring my boards to action-packed life.

Over the last few decades, the Green Giant, as a pop culture character and brand steward, was in need of a refresh. Agencies struggled to bring him relevance. I was tasked with writing the definitive book on the history of the Giant. Digging into his rich history, I built a team to recreate him in hundreds of drawings. We hired models, sculptors and animators to build a three-dimensional Giant from the ground up, carving away to find his spirit. Compiling nearly 100 years of imagery into his redesign, we found the quintessence of the character. Our resulting output was not only the official character guide and logo, but it is also the current brand logo on every package.

LOWERING CHOLESTEROL The Cheerios brand has long touted its effectiveness in helping to lower cholesterol. I was tasked with building this piece of branded content directly targeted to boomers through web channels like Web MD. I wrote and directed this piece which was featured in AdAge, and revived characters from the 60’s The Cheerios Kid and Sue.


ORIGINAL WORK In the last few years I’ve created several web-series for Sesame Workshop, DreamWorks, Starz and Blip Toys. My YouTube channels have millions of views, and my work overall has over 30 million views.