WEB SERIES    We’ve created award-winning web-series for Sesame Workshop, Starz, Hasbro, DreamWorks, General Mills and Blip Toys. Our content  has racked up millions of views, and we are proud of the range of styles and genres we can play in. We’ve worked with the curriculum experts at Sesame Workshop to create brand new characters, and Classic Media/DreamWorks to revive characters that hadn’t been animated since the 1960’s. We produced a puppet show about tiny sailors that fish old cartoons out of a lagoon, and built a whole world around Squinkies toys, establishing their brand motto, “Better Together.” We’ve written and animated several pro-social McGruff shorts around important issues like bullying and gun safety. 

As an Easter-Egg surprise, we are including a sneak preview of “Dober-Man and Pigeon,” based on our comic book of the same name. We can create your next web-series from soup to nuts, from scripting to scoring, with our award-winning team of artists, writers and composers.